Remains of crocodile in a Hong Kong restaurant

Submitted by Richard Muirhead on Thu, 05/15/2014 - 18:41

I found a reference on  a Chinese language web site  a few months ago which I translated into very poor English and it seemed to refer to the remains(maybe only the head) of a crocodile caught in Hong Kong. A long time ago I think.

Does anyone know more?

In another comment Richard wrote:

I understand from research that rabbits were introduced to Stonecutters Island around the 1870s for the purposes of hunting. Can anyone tell me what became of these rabbits? Were there ever any other attempts to introduce foreign animals to Hong Kong?

The AFCD say squirrels are introduced:…. I'm not sure if they were introduced for any purpose. The SPCA says " It is believed that they have bred from either escaped or released pets.":…

Regards, David