Conder's Bar (2nd location) [????- ]

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[Admin: The bar moved here from an earlier location in Central. Position on map is approximate.]

Anyone remember Conder's Bar ? It was - and perhaps still is -  in a side street off Argyle Street leading up to the old KCR Mongkok Station. Spent many a happy lunch hour there in the 1960's disturbed only by the sound - and smell - of squeeling pigs being unloaded then crammed into waiting, open-sided trucks. However, the character of the  place changed when it was extended to include a bowling alley.I believe Jack Conder had quite an interesting past having fled to China to escape the Japanese, but my info is rather sketchy on that.




Yes it was by Mong Kok KCR station, an unusual place for  bar. Jack Conder was ex Shanghai Muncipal Police, and had a very interesting past .Im sure some old China hands can give more details .

I visited here a number of times in the 1960s. It was a convenient port of call after seeing people off at the airport for those who still needed to drink. The 2 or 3 lane bowling alley at the back was amusing as it was non-mechanical. The pins being reset by a couple of small boys who also returned the balls. These kids became very adept at avoiding fast moving bowling balls launched by the drunks down the lanes before they had cleared from the pin area. I seem to recall that there was a stuffed crocodile or alligator mounted above the bar somewhere. The site when cleared of buildings became a tree shrouded 'Wilson' car park for many years. The last time I was in the area and took any notice, the site was still empty which was remarkable for Mongkok as it must  be valuable to developers.