A. King boatyard (2nd location) [1921-c.1955]

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Position is approximate, based on the 1930s photos of the area.

Dates are approximate too. I believe it moved here from it's previous location off the Praya in Wanchai (today's Johnston Rd) when the Wanchai reclamation was underway. (See mention of that location at http://gwulo.com/Hong-Kong-Corinthian-Yacht-Club#comment-13772)

Then I think it moved a short distance to its final location when the Causeway Bay typhoon shelter was reclaimed to make Victoria Park, see: http://gwulo.com/node/6863

Corrections welcome!

Photos that show this Place


Further to my last on another page (maybe all this A. King stuff needs to be consolidated?)

Via yacht for sale adverts and other stuff I have now tracked down where the premises were - opposite No. 66 Praya East. They were there until some point between 13 June 1921, when a yacht race was finished off the slipway and 22nd April 1922 when A. King was summonsed and fined for building a non-approved structure at his new location in Causeway Bay, where he'd been shifted at the rush. This was because of the planned Praya East reclamation, which in fact didn't happen until much later, but on which the authorities had acted. On 14 June 1922 a couple of boat boys were charged for illegally anchoring the yachts in their charge off the site of the old slipway, where they'd hitherto always been.


Stephen D