Wreckage during 1937 Typhoon - Where was this?

Tue, 09/23/2014 - 07:20
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Back of the photo reads "Wanchai Background (Junk)" but nobody would believe that this was Wanchai.  Mount Davis, Causeway Bay and Ap Lei Chau have been put forward as possibilities but so far Mount Davis could not be validated and the other two have low confidence.  

One hint is the appearance of the words "毛廠" (woolen mill) on the side of the building to the left but again this information could not be checked against the locations of such facilities in the 1930s.

Maybe even the date of the typhoon was wrong?


Many thanks to moddsey for this photo, which shows high resemblance to the one I posted.  With this hint, I can now recognize the name "A. King" on the top of the building with slanted roof above the left-most boatyard.

The skyline (even some of the trees on the ridge) also matches.

Problem solved.