Doreen HANDYSIDE [1926-2005]

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sl644 writes:

Doreen Handyside was the first headmistress of Glenealy Junior School. It was because of her insistence that the new school was called Glenealy.

Sources: my memory! I think that during the years my daughters were at GJS, we were notified of a revisit by her.

Henry Ching writes:

The online catalogue for the Carl Smith Collection mentions a William Lucas Handyside with a Beatrice Kinross – is it the same person?

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Miss Handyside was Headmistress of Glenealy Junior School from 1958 to about 1981 or 82. She was unmarried all her life.  She was born in Hong Kong.  Her father was the Headmaster of Queen's College at one stage in his career.  He and Miss Handyside with their other family members were absent from Hong Kong during the Japanese invasion on leave. She retired to Surrey.

Miss Handyside passed away in 2005.


She was a great lady! She was my Headmistress at Glenealy Junior School for my time there, 1960-1966. Always very fair, if a bit stern at times.
I believe she was great with the 'Dads' if my Mum was right? I think she was a keen golfer, but may be wrong?

Thanks for the extra information. Gavin, please can you let us know the sources for your information?

Ann Kinross previously wrote that Doreen was Ann's father's elder sister (see I think they were related, but were not brother & sister - if Doreen never married, her parents' surname was Handyside too, not Kinross.

I found a mention in the newspapers that gives more clues. On page 1 of the Hongkong Telegraph for 3rd April, 1919, they report the wedding of "Mr W. L. Handyside, M. A., of Queen's College, and Miss Beatrice Kinross, daughter of A. R. Kinross, of the Hongkong and Whampoa Dock Company."

I guess that Beatrice is the sister of Ann's father, and Doreen is Beatrice's daughter.

There is a family tree that lists all these people at:

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Hi David

Sorry I did not reply earlier to your message concerning my post.  My source is my own knowledge of her from knowing her.  She was my headmistress at Glenealy and my mother Mrs Vera Shiu nee Browne was her Deputy for many years and we kept in contact after she went to Merrow near Guildford in retirement.

She was indeed a keen golfer.  Member of the HK Golf Club and incidentally the Hong Kong Club.  She continued to play golf and bridge in Surrey.  I have met her father and mother in Surrey but only when they were both elderly and both are now deceased. Her mother might well have been Kinross but I cannot recall exactly.

It was she who told me that she was with her parents on leave in Australia when the Japanese struck.  Very fortunate. It seems there was always a tension after the War between those who lived through it here and those who missed it.  From what my mother once told me I think she had a sister who died pre-war due to a car accident in the New Territories.