Jim JOHNSTON [????-1995]

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Hi, my name is Marion, daughter of George Macpherson who was Duncan Macpherson's younger brother. Friends of family living abroad were always welcomed at our home at Derculich in Perthshire, Scotland. In the late 1960s, when I was still at school, Betty & Jim were frequent visitors. I understood that he worked in security (possibly head of?) for Quantas Airlines, hence being able to travel as they did. My dad was a Gamekeeper and would take Jim salmon fishing on the river Tay. They both loved to potter in our garden - strawberries gave Betty gout but if they weren't going to be walking much for a couple of days she would tuck into a bowl full! They were a lovely couple and we enjoyed their company.  It was hoped that they and Uncle Duncan & Auntie Doris would one day all come to visit, but it never happened.  Jim was the link between dad and his favourite brother and they used to talk for hours! 

Hi Marion,

Good to have such connections from you, much appreciated. Yes, dad in fact told me that Jim held a senior position in the security department of Qantas and was directly under the head whose name is Gordon Fraser. Still have very fond memories of the Johnstons when I visited them with my parents in Tasmania in 1992, and so fortunate that Jim's presence had made an enormous impact on the well being of my entire family. Definitely most grateful as well that I am the last member of my current generation who have had some close interactions with Jim prior to him passing away. Meanwhile, I think I am going to have to dig out some photos of Jim and company taken in HK to see if you and Suziepie could identity any potential Macphersons? Thanks Marion and it's so nice to have some feedback regarding a figure whom I have admired so much over the years.


Miss Betty Bone, daughter of Mr. D. B. Bone, Assistant Manager of Taikoo Dockyard was married to Mr. J. Johnston, Lance Sergeant of the Hong Kong Police by Special Licence at the Registry, Supreme Court on 29 June 1940.

Source: Hong Kong Sunday Herald 7 July 1940