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Just read this entry. Gillian Millar who was in Stanley Internmemt Camp, Honk Kong is my sister and is very much alive!! The entry has her down as deceased. She is the one referred to in  Barabara Anslow's diary entry and remembers being the angel in the Nativity play only too well. I've recently been in touch with Barbara. I was also in camp, going in when I was 16 months old and coming out when I was 5yrs. We were with my mother, Doris. My dad' alos Robert, was taken to Shamshiupo camp as he had joined the Defence corps as a sub lieutenant. 

My mother incidently used to sing on HK radio before the war.

I've only just come across various sites talking about HK and also Stanley Camp - am facinated!

Regards Robert(Bob) Millar

Dear Bob,

Good to hear from you. I've corrected Gillian's status, and also created pages for you, your mother and your father. They're all under your name in case you want to add any more information to them (just click the 'Edit' tab, make the changes, and click 'Save' when you're done).

We are serialising a couple of wartime diaries, including Barbara's. If you'd like to receive daily updates, you can subscribe at the bottom of this page. And if you have any family diaries / memoirs from that time that we can include, they will be very welcome!

Best regards, David

Dear David

Many thanks. I'll fill the info, asap. Re. further interesting material ( hopefully), Gill has quite a lot of mum's memorobilia and when I see her I'll try to look out some of that. I do know there were a lot of pictures of past HK. inc. Mum and Dad's wedding at St. Andrews (?),my christening , swim parties at Repulse bay etc. etc. many of these dating back into the early twenties. The problem is that I live in Nottingham and Gill in Bristol so we probably only get to see each other two or three times a year.

Will be in touch again later.



Thanks Bob, those photos sound very interesting. I look forward to seeing them when you get a chance to post them.

Regards, David