Peak School on Plunkett's Road [1954- ]

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"The second building at No. 28 Kennedy Road (called the Annex) housed the first Kennedy Road School which operated from 1946 to December 1953.

In 1953 it combined with the Peak School (formerly housed in what is now the Fire Station in Gough Hill Path) and moved into the new Peak School premises on the corner of Plunkett’s Road.

The Log Book of the original school is still retained in the Peak School. The original Kennedy School had six classes and about 60 pupils.

Isobel Ogilvy Park, who had been a teacher at Kennedy School, laid out the design for the new Peak school, and became its first headmistress."

Changed completion date from 1959 to 1954 based on school history linked above:

By early 1954, the ‘new‘ Peak School had been built on the former site of the Peak Club in Plunketts Road. At first, the two campuses worked in tandem with younger children attending the older school. A few years later, however, the entire student body was consolidated in the new buildings and the old site, dating from 1915, was later transformed into the Victoria Peak Fire Station that still services local residents today.