Anti-aircraft guns at Cape D'Aguilar

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 22:36
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They're right on the southern tip of the Cape. Across the short channel is Kau Pei Chau, and in the distance are Beaufort Island (right) and Po Toi Island (centre).

From the tents on the right, it looks as though this was a temporary site, rather than a permanent battery. That would suggest these Anti-aircraft (AA) guns were relatively easy to relocate. Can anyone confirm?

Regards, David

David these are QF 3 inch 20 cwt anti-aircraft guns and at this stage probably were deployed on the wheeled support trailer, wheels can be seen to one sideand the trailor becomes the ground platform when lowered rather than having fixed mountings like others on stonecutters etc, also maybe as was a tented battery position(relative to all Jims other photos that you are gradually feeding onto the site) this was a training firing camp away from the barracks.

There's more info about this type of gun at Wikipedia:

In 1934-35, the path from Shek O Gap to Cape D'Aguilar was completed allowing the military to transport their guns. As the previous post says, the guns appear to be mobile and placed for firing practice.

The 1936 Defences (Firing Areas) Ordinance was passed to regulate practice firing from Hong Kong defences for the purpose safeguarding shipping and aircraft. The guns appear to be pointing towards the open sea near Waglan Island. Some of the Firing Areas included, Bluff Point, Beaufort Island, Po Toi Island, Waglan Island etc.