King's Theatre (1st generation) / 娛樂戲院 [1931-c.1962]

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Photos that show this Place


Hi 80sKid,

Here are the dates Raymond Lo quotes in his notes on the Cinema Treasures website:

  • The theatre opened to business on 31th March, 1931 with Ernst Lubitsch’s “Monte Carlo”.
  • The theatre closed in 1st September, 1962 with a Walt Disney film.
  • The rebuilt 1,302-seat King’s Theatre opened to business on 21th December, 1964.

Do you think the GRS has the wrong date on its photo, or maybe the cinema closed in 62, but wasn't demolished and re-built until 64?

Regards, David

Another  jog to the old memory - it was 1961/1962 and I watched Elvis Presley in “BLUE HAWAII” at this cinema. 

In fact I loved it so much I watched it 8 times! But not all at once but a couple of Sat afternoons and matinees. I think it cost about HK$1.20 to sit downstairs, in those days!