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Leighton Hill Government Quarters (Blocks A & B) [1948-1999]

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Demolished / No longer exists
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These were built at the north end of Leighton Hill.

A resident remembers that Block A was commonly known as the 'Old Block', and Block B as the 'Middle Block'.

Blocks C & D were built a few years later.

Photos that show this place


Jaberu wrote:

The rooms in these old government quarters had exceptionally wide doorways. I recall reading somewhere that this was deliberate as the quarters were designed for emergency use as hospital wards, and the wide doorways were intended to facilitate the movement of beds. Can anyone confirm?

As I recall, going back to 1948 when the quarters being erected, nothing was mentioned in the printed media  of their use as standby emergency wards.

You may well be right, moddsey. Thank you. This was probably just another myth - but the doorways were certainly rather wider than usual.

Does anyone remember in what year was the whole complex demolished?  I believe some military quarters on Wong Nai Chong Road were also demolished to make way for the present day "The Leighton Hill".  Thanks.

I remember walking around there when they were being pulled down, I'm guessing around 1999/2000 - the strikingly unatttractive 'Leighton Hill' complex was completed 2002. The govt also sold the blocks on Wong Nai Chung Road, which presumably allowed the developer to build a lot higher on the hill itself, given they were replaced with a public garden, town hall and road

But please now see Keith Kilvert's comment under Life on Leighton Hill in the 1950s and 60s.

The China Mail of 2 December 1948 contains information on the construction and cost of Leighton Hill Government Quarters.

I've set the demolition date to December 1999, based on 80skid's memory. Let us know if you have a more accurate date.

I've also changed the title from 'North Blocks' to their correct name, Blocks A & B.

Regards, David