1950s Junction of Queen's Rd C and Pedder St

Mon, 09/22/2014 - 20:19
Date picture taken


I'm having trouble matching up the building on the corner (with the red 'Technos' advert) with other pictures of this junction.

In theory it should be the same as the building in the right foreground of this photo:

Pedder Street

But they don't seem to match up?

Any ideas?

Regards, David

David, if you look closely at the nearmost column set up on the right hand side (first floor) of the B&W picture, you will see the column (a cylindrical one next to a square one) is the same set up as the corner building above.

I think the B&W angle is just so that you can only see the very far edge of the corner building.


Phil, well spotted, thanks. I'd missed that completely.

Thanks also to Moddsey, who posted a clearer view along Pedder Street, confirming Phil's observation:

1920s Hong Kong Hotel

That shows three buildings between Queen's Rd & Des Voeux Rd:

  • Nearest is the building in the first photo. Is it the run-down remnants of the Hong Kong Hotel, sometime shortly before it was demolished to make way for Central Building?
  • Furthest is Gloucester Building / Gloucester Hotel.
  • And the one in the middle is another mystery - again I'm assuming it was part of the Hong Kong Hotel, but any other ideas welcome.

Regards, David