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1899 pg311-324 started

This is the latest Jurors List we're making searchable - here's how to join in, it'll only take around 20-30 minutes of your time.

The job is to take the previous year's list, then work through it page-by-page and edit in any changes so it matches this year's list.

Step 1. Check the comments below to see which was the last page someone has started typing. You'll work on the next page. eg if the last comment is 'started page 312', you'll be working on page 313.

Step 2. Open up the original Jurors List document. (If you just see a 'Hong Kong Government Reports Online' screen, please click the link again. For some reason the first click doesn't always work, but the second one does.)

Step 3. Then click here to open up the spreadsheet.

Step 4. Use the "Add new comment" link below to leave a comment, 'started page ...' to let people know this page is yours. (eg 'started page 183')

Step 5. Page down through the original document til you reach your page.

Step 6. Make a note of the name at the top of the page

Step 7. Find the name in the spreadsheet. At this point you'll have three options:

7.1 The name is in the spreadsheet, and all the details are already correct.
Lucky you!
- Just type your page number into the 'page' column, then skip ahead to step 8.

7.2 The name is in the spreadsheet, but one or more details are different.
If it's just a minor change of formatting for a company's name, eg 'Company' instead of 'Co.', or 'H.K.' instead of 'Hongkong', just ignore it.
For other changes, eg they've moved to a new address, or maybe you're catching a spelling mistake in the person's name made by the previous typist, then:
- Type your page number into the first column, 'page'.
- Correct the other columns as appropriate

7.3 The name isn't in the spreadsheet
They must be a new juror, so we'll need to add them to the spreadsheet.
- Insert a new row at the right place in the spreadsheet
- Type your page number into the first column, 'page'.
The other columns should be easy to understand, but a few tips:
- 'Type': either 's' or 'c', depending on whether you're typing in the details of a Special Juror or a Common Juror. (You'll see the list is split into two sections, with Special Jurors listed first).
- The 'Name' and 'Occupation' columns just follow the information from the list, though you'll see I've split the original 'Name in Full' column into Family name and Given name columns. Similarly the Occupation column is split into Title and Company.
- The original 'Abode' column has been split into four columns. Use your judgement how to split up a given address, and don't worry about getting it right or wrong.

Other typing guidelines
- Just type exactly what you see in the Jurors List. Don't worry about standardising HK / H.K. / Hongkong / etc. We'll take care of that at the later.
- The only exception is that we're not typing in any accented characters. eg for ü just type u, or for é just type e.

Step 8. Go to the next name in the Jurors List and repeat step 7. Repeat this until you reach the bottom of the page.

Step 9. Look back at the spreadsheet, and you'll probably see some lines without a page number mixed in between lines with your page number. These should be people that left Hong Kong since the previous year's list was published. Double-check to make sure those lines really don't appear in the original document, then delete that line from the spreadsheet.

Step 10. Save the spreadsheet, and email it back to me

I'll gather them all together and once I've received all the pages I'll format them then post them up here.

Step 11. You're done! (Note there's no need to leave any comment once the page is finished). Thanks very much for your help. I hope you'll come back again soon and help with another page.

Anything not clear? Please leave a comment below with any questions you might have.

Regards, David

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I came across my first "Terrace/Street" problem.  There are two listings, one right after the other:

"Ripon Terrace, Caine Road"
"Ripon Terrace"

This is why I suggest that we review all our entries and identify which Terraces are actually roads, and which are not.  If entries from later years, or more complete addresses, are not consistent, it will be harder to search over several years.

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