College Gardens [????- ]

Submitted by annelisec on Tue, 01/12/2010 - 14:27
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Per Sheet 15, 1901 Map

Photos that show this Place


A lot of confusion here. The first photo looks as though it was taken on Lower Albert Road, looking west towards what is now the Foreign Correspondents Club with Bishop's House above the retaining wall on the left.  The third photo shows what was referred to as Church Guest House on Upper Albert Road. And St Paul's College was at the lower end of Glenealy next to Bishop's House and in the same compound.


I don't agree the 1870 photo was taken on Lower Albert Road. If it was we should see Ice House St joining in from the right. So College Gardens seems a better bet. Annelise, any other evidence that links this photo to College Gardens?

Thanks for pointing out the mistake with the more recent photo. It was linked to College Gardens and Church Guest House by mistake. I've deleted the link to College Gardens.

And Adam, I've moved your helpful notes over to the Church Guest House place, where they belong.

Thanks for the help, hopefully it's all clearer now.