Ole building on MacDonnell Rd

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on Thu, 04/29/2010 - 10:48

Does anyone know what has happened to the building located right next to the Peak Tram Station on MacDonnell Rd? It was a biege 3 story OLD western style residential building with a huge backyard and an elevated landing facing the Peak Tram station. The building was shown in several 1970 HK postcards depicting the Peak Tram.

The reason I am asking is that my uncle and his family used to live in that building from 1960 thru 1970 before immigrating to Canada. Now he is in his late 80s and his health is failing. He asked me if I knew what had become of that building and I promised to try to find out for him.  We all had very fond memories of that building where we spent our (all my cousins and mine) childhood playing in the backyard, waving at the passengers on the Peak Trams as they pulled into the station.

Any info will be appreciated.

We don't have much info on that area, but I guess the building you remember has been demolished by now.

Is there anything else you can tell us that can pinpoint the location? eg a building name or street number, or show us any photos of it?

This video from 1949 shows several views of the area, so it might have something for you.

Regards, David

Wow, my uncle's building is the white building in the middle of the post card (almost directly across the Bank of China building).   Sorry, I thought it was a 3 story building, but now that I see it in the post card, it was actually a 4 story building. The building was on the left hand side (in the photo) and closest to the tram track.  In the 1960 or 1970s, when  you got off the Peak Tram, the building was right in front of you - NOT across the street but it was right next to the station......you couldn't miss it. 

When I visited HK in 1981, it was still standing.  However, on my subsequent trips back to HK, I didn't get a chance to revisit the area, so I have no idea what the status is with that building.  Oh, I am sure that it must have been demolished a long time ago, but what (building) has replaced it? 

My uncle now lives in Canada while I live in the USA.  It will be difficult for me to ask him what the actual address was for he is suffering from Alzheimer and currently residing in a nursing home.

So far, thanks so much for all your replies.  Any additional info will be greatly appreciated.  

Hi, like most of the buildings on that road, yours was replaced by a high-rise block in the 1980s - Silvercrest - built in 1984 according to Emporis. You can see it here. There's still some old buildings along the road, must have been a lovely place to live


Thanks for the link.  I can't recognize MacDonnell Rd. at all!

Yes indeed.  I really missed the ole HK that I was raised in during the 1960s......it was a much quiet and slower society.  On my occasional trips to HK, I really wish I could turn the clock back but I guess that's what ppl called "progress".  Sigh!

I also notice the St. Paul Co-ed in the link.  Both my uncle and aunt were teachers there for over 30 years until their retirement.  All my cousins went to school there.


While I really want to answer your question regarding my uncle and my aunt's full names but I must respect their privacy so I can only reveal their last names, Mok and Lau, respectively.

I think my uncle taught in the secondary school while my aunt taught in the elementary school.  Not sure which subject they were teaching.......most likely be Chinese related, e.g. history, literature, etc. 

The Headmaster at that time was a chubby Chinese/Portguese mixed middle age woman......sorry her name escaped my memory also.