Hong Kong 1949 strolling from midlevel to downtown | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Hong Kong 1949 strolling from midlevel to downtown

Michael Rogge's video on YouTube:

Going to the office from MacDonnell Road through Icehouse street to the bank in des Voeux Road Central in the (g)olden days - twenty years old!
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The film starts at his company's flat in a house on MacDonnell Road. From the comments it looks to be in somewhere around number 60-66. Then along MacDonnell Road, and down the hill (looks like Calder Path?).

2:22 At the bottom of Battery Bath, crossing over Queen's Rd C, then walking along Ice House Street.

3:00 At the junction with Des Voeux Rd

3:11 His destination, 'the now non-existing bank´╗┐ Nederlandsch-Indische Handelsbank', in the old Royal Building.

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Notes from anonymous:

That video shows No. 62 Macdonnell Road.   It was possibly Flat No. 5.  The building was owned by the Xavier family.

If the video was shot in 1949, I was 13 at the time and lived in the flat above, No. 7.

The Xavier family lived in the large house next door.  They also occupied Flat No. 4 which was on the right hand side of the building.

It was amazing to see this video.

Thanks for sharing your memories. I'm curious to know whether you remember the Dutch occupants of the flat below you, who appear in Michael's videos?

And were you born in Hong Kong, or did you move here later with your family?

Thanks & regards, David