Miramar Hotel (first location) [1948-c.1990]

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"... the new wing of the Miramar Hotel.  It provides an extra 268 rooms, together with a magnificent theatre-restaurant and special banqueting rooms."


"The Miramar Hotel at the corner of Nathan Rd and Kimberley Rd has an especially good reputation. It was also Hongkong's first postwar hotel, opened in 1948"

1970 - Golden guide to Hongkong and MacaoP. H. M. Jones

"Next June, if you check into the new tower at Hong Kong's Miramar Hotel you'll get a computer card rather than a key for your room's lock ... "

1977 - Business week


Photos that show this Place


The current hotel is on the south side of Kimberley Road, but in the photos above from the 50s and 60s it was on the north side - where Miramar Tower stands today. Does anyone know when it moved?

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I believe it would be sometime in the late 1980's or early 1990's.  I still remember assisting my department head to prepare some press events back in 1986 or 1987 up in an event hall.  But back then the two buildings were linked up up at the upper floors by a covered foot bridge.  I am pretty sure it is not the current foot bridge on the 3rd floor.  The lower floors of the northern building had already been used as a shopping arcade then.  I believe the northern building on Nathan Road since 1960's survived, but the others along Kimberly had been rebuilt.

I remember going with my boss with the hotel staff, going through the existing hotel building up stairs, cross the covered bridge, go to the northern building, then down a service lift and through a kitchen for something. 

The northern building had been re-developed since.  Might have to dig into the annual reports of the hotel to find more clues.

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I think the new hotel may have opened earlier. I have an email correspondence with the current manager (a very helpful Mr Dalichau) who was helping me out with some Bruce Lee research a couple of years ago.

In 1972 a press conference for a film called "Unicorn Fist" was held at the hotel and the post-conference meal was held at a Japanese Restaurant called "Kanetanake". The restaurant was located in the hotel's new wing on the first floor.

I'm assuming the "new wing" means the part on the southern side of Kimberley Rd?

Hi Phil,

I'm assuming the "new wing" means the part on the southern side of Kimberley Rd?

It might still have been on the northern side of the road - somewhere between the two photos dated 1960 and 1969 above, there was a big new wing built along the Nathan Road end of the property.

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