Tuen Mun-Sham Shing Hui-Mouse Island-Castle styled mansion-1986-002 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Tuen Mun-Sham Shing Hui-Mouse Island-Castle styled mansion-1986-002

Tuen Mun-Sham Shing Hui-Mouse Island-Castle styled mansion-1986-002


Castle type mansion in the centre

Dragon Inn car park lower right


Taken from our apartment-early morning

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, June 15, 1986


Hello again


I must say that I appreciate the responses I've rec'd re 'the old house'.

The last photo circa 86 from IDJ appears to have the location correct and it appears that the spiral staircase turret appears mid gound,amongst all the foliage. Dragon Inn carpark is in relation to how I recall, therefore it must be Castle Peak Lodge that is peeking out mid shot. Strange to see the hi rise buildings where the fishing village used to be.

My brother went back to visit some 20 or more  years ago to find the place and indeed did so and he said that the place was overgrown,unkempt and in need of attention. When I went a-looking in 2010, as mentioned earlier ,the joint wasn't there at all and in fact that part of town was apart from the beach and the pier near Kadoories' were all that was immediately recognisable. There were some stone hewn steps where the next door neighbours house once was-a Mrs Lei I believe,who used to organise and rent furniture to Aust Govt for various related residences.

My next task is to search out the Waterloo Rd Kowloon Tong site of St Georges School. The HK-Canton railway used to run past at the rear where the basketball courts and playing field were once.. I remember gazing out the window one muggy day to hear and eventually see the train coming by slowly with 2 friends, David Anderson and Henry Ansell (if you are somewhere out there), hanging out the window waving and carrying on whilst wagging school that day. Wagging-skiving off-playing truant. Aust slang.

Anyhow enough of me and my reminiscences,thanks again.

Hi Jeff,

Good to know IDJ has the right place. I'll update the page I made for the other house. 
Regarding St George's, it disappeared many years ago. Here is the place we have for it on the website: https://gwulo.com/st-georges-school


Edit: I've added a new place to the map for this: Castle Peak Lodge. It appears to coincide (approximately - corrections welcome because it's a bit hard to judge to distance from the surrounding buildings) with Tower 3 of the "Palm Cove" development. Hopefully others can contribute to filling out some of the history.

Taken in June 1966, this previously posted image might relate more closely to Jeff’s memories of the area. https://gwulo.com/atom/25300

The 1966 view has been staring me in the face as I use it as a screensaver.

The ‘Castle-type’ mansion isn’t obvious as even then a lot of foliage is apparent.

It was taken on the occasion of a tour of the New Territories provided for two of us by our unusually benevolent project manager. He supplied the car and a driver. We did the usual circle of driving up to the border look-out at Lok Ma Chau, then around to Castle Peak/Tuen Mun. Where I presume, we had lunch in the Dragon Inn. Continuing back to the city, we stopped off at a new hi-rise Govt. housing estate in Cheung Sha Wan so our driver could drop off fresh N.T. food purchases at his home. Finally, back to the Island on the car ferry. An interesting day out as neither of us had been to the New Territories before.

The school was situated between Suffolk and Norfolk Road, fronting Waterloo Road.  We lived at No. 1 Suffolk Road and our house overlooked the school and grounds.

Fabulous memories! The car ferry....was that Hung Hom/Mongkok/ i was very young and didn't even ride a pushbike but remember Dad's ford Consul going aboard and later years (71-4) the  1969 Toyota Corona that he liked so much as to bring back to Aust!!




Nice address Angie-R !

We used to catch the school bus daily from Castle Peak to Kowloon Tong.Whenever I was running late, tearing down the stone steps panting away,sometimes avoiding the occasional rat snake or on occasion the odd Chinese Cobra;they seemed to like to linger in the undergrowth- the bus had to somehow wait for me on Castle Peak Rd...somehow,it was a tight squeeze back then which the bus driver pointed out gruffly. Though,of course I was usually punctual!

Thanks PhilK

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