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Tuen Mun Bay-June 1966 & June 1996.jpg

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Tuen Mun Bay-June 1966 & June 1996.jpg

These images were taken from the area of the temple up on the slope of Castle Peak.

As its another 20 years since I took the last one in 1996 it would would be nice to obtain a 2016 version.

Whenever I have been in Tuen Mun in recent times it has always been too hazy to try and replicate these earlier views.

Residents or hikers might be able to oblige?

If tall buildings now block the view, for the purposes of creating a photographic timeline, it doesn't really matter

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, June 15, 1996


Would the fourth photo on this page work?


It is a similar view, but taken from a bit higher up.


Thank you for the pointer to that site.

Pity the image's lower part appears to have bush twigs scattered across it.