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Castle Peak Lodge [????-????]

Current condition: 
Demolished / No longer exists

Jeff provides some background in this comment. But I've added some bits below:

...The place was on a hillside with a long flight of steps leading down to 2 car garage right on Castle Peak Rd at the 19 M/S. There were battlements and a spiral staircase going to upstairs room and 2 verandahs,the ground floor had checkerboard b/w marble tiling in the main room. There was a lawn with a paved path and a star fruit tree grove also. Down a graduated slope there was a flower garden that was tended to by a Mr Lei and family who had a house behind the main premises. They had a dog called Fook Sing and a monkey on a long chain that inhabited a nearby tree.

...A carved plaque, from memory had the date 1926 (?), was emblazened on the main balcony facing the garden area. large stone blocks were used to construct the house and there were little windows in the spiral staircase tower overall giving,along with the battlements the appearance of a much older castle.

Photos that show this place