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Ferry Piers Central/Sheung Wan 1968

Ferry Piers Central/Sheung Wan 1968

Video snap from Out Takes / Cuts From Cp 682 - Reel 1 Of 2 - Hong Kong (1968).

At the bottom left is Central Vehicular Ferry Pier, the eastern temporary berth has already been removed and the area reclaimed. The western temporary berth is still there.

Then two piers (the first one to Shamshuipo and Tai Tok Tsui, trhe second one is the Outlying Islands Ferry Pier), and a double Government Pier. 

The place can be seen already where the Rumsey Street car park will built in 1970.

The photo below shows the same area from a different angle and 3-4 years later:

Central & Sheung Wan
Central & Sheung Wan, by richlander


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1968