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15HKG Scouts posing in front of building

15HKG Scouts posing in front of building

Found this together with a couple of old photos dated back to 1935, assuming they are related. No names and location labelled too, so hopefully I can get some help from here.

On December that year, the Scout troop organized a bicycle trip from Hong Kong all the way to Chungshan / Zhongshan and Macao following the route of KCR. A commemorative flag was made with signatures from participating scouts, framed and (amazingly) still surviving in the scout room to this day (https://gwulo.com/atom/38741)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, December 1, 1935


Looks like the spires of the Roman Catholic Cathedral on the right.

I think the building on the right is the tower of the Roman Catholic Cathedral, (not the Bell tower), and on the left another building in the complex.

Thanks Moddsey, I went back and checked the map and cross-referenced with Wah Yan's history.

In the 1920s-30s, the school campus was situated on 2 Robinson Road (which is where Raimondi College is today). That would give it a nice view slightly above the Caine Road cathedral you mentioned, so that might be the answer!

 To the right of the bell tower, there are steps leading up to Robinson Road where the school campus was located. The rear of the Cathedral and the building behind can be seen in the original photograph.

Roman Catholic Cathedral
Roman Catholic Cathedral, by annelisec