Advertisement | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong


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Detail cropped from this photo:

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1935


The ad is for talcum powder - sóng sān fán

Twin sisters body powder

This powder is to make your body dry quickly after a bath.

Thanks for the replies - I was thinking it was some kind of canned food, so I was way off track!

Greetings!  I have not seen the third word from right in decades.  I understand it denotes "brand" or "product made by".  Regards,  Peter 

The powder puff illustrated and best made of down used to be a vital part of every woman's toiletries. I'm not sure when they went out of fashion. Having just googled "swansdown powder puff" I see that I could now obtain one (used) for between £80 and £95.