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Joanna Lumley + sister-Hong Kong-screen-grab

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Joanna Lumley + sister-Hong Kong-screen-grab

Amongst the interminable repeated TV programs shown on UK TV during ‘lockdown’ have been travel documentaries by the well-known actress/model, Gurkha welfare activist, program presenter, Joanna Lumley.

One of her travel documentaries has her passing through Hong Kong where she lived as a child when her father, a Gurkha officer, was stationed in the territory. She was shown wandering up and down shop frontages on Chatham Road trying to work out where the low-rise property her family lived had been, and was puzzled because she could no longer see the sea. A view long since displaced by the Tsim Sha Tsui East district.

In a more recent showing of the making of her travel documentaries she was talking about her life in Malaya, and not mentioning Hong Kong, but included a couple of snapshots. One of which showed Joanna Lumley with her sister in Hong Kong on the waterfront with Holt’s Wharf, a Blue Funnel Line cargo vessel and the Signal Hill tower in the background.

Another snapshot showed the family in a speedboat running parallel with possibly the old Castle Peak Road near Tsing Lung Tau with the Dragon Lodge residence prominent in the background.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, June 15, 1949