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Kowloon Wharves exit gate-railway tracks in place-POWs exiting

Kowloon Wharves exit gate-railway tracks in place-POWs exiting

This screen grab from an IWM film shows Japanese POWs being marched out of Kowloon Wharves gates.

Of interest on the ground are the railway tracks connecting the wharves with the KCR terminus.

These tracks have been discussed previously in relation to how they were used, and for what, as they spanned a busy bus terminus

I don’t recall seeing a date after 1945 when these tracks were permanently disconnected and lifted.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, September 15, 1945


The film can be viewed here.

Thanks Klaus for the film.  At first look, I asked how they managed to force the wheels off the track and turn the trolley 90 degrees without causing damage.   Regards,  Peter

Not sure of the date of the obliteration of the railway siding to Kowloon Wharf. Something to look out for.

1947 KCR Railway Siding to Holt's Wharf & KWGC
1947 KCR Railway Siding to Holt's Wharf & KWGC, by moddsey

Hi Peter,

you can see a photo of this type of wagon turntables here. After pushing the wagon onto the turntable, you lift the handle to unlock and turn manually, just as seen in the video. Regards, Klaus

It looks as if the tracks to the Kowloon Wharves have been cut. Date is given as 1953, unclear if this is correct.

1953 TST Star Ferry
1953 TST Star Ferry, by eternal1966e

Thanks Klaus for the collection of turntables.  Very interesting!

On the trolley tracks to the Kowloon Wharves, my memory tells me they were there in 1955, also the portion that enters the iron gates and beyond was still there in 1964 but not sure between the train station and the gates.  One of Andrew's 1957-1958 gallery photos show the tracks on the bus station already takn out - https://gwulo.com/atom/22086 .  There might be two dates - their usage and physical removal.  Regards,  Peter

This photo would appear to show the Taipo Belle next to the KCR Terminal on the track to Kowloon Wharf.


Discussion in the papers here on the suggested improvements in traffic flow in the circulating area outside Kowloon Star Ferry. The map provided in the article still shows the railway siding to Kowloon Wharf.

Interesting article and date for the track.

I recall that only a few years ago the HK governement was still wrestling with the same problem of traffic congestion at the Star Ferry &  taxi rank concourse and was proposing pedestrianising it all.        But only a few bus routes were removed to terminate above TST West Rail MTR station near the Mariners Club.

Often aerial photographs help to narrow down time spans, but not here:

Access to Star Ferry 1949/1959
Access to Star Ferry 1949/1959, by Klaus

Unfortunately, there are no photos available between 1949 and 1959. The tracks are still there in 1949.

The newspaper from 1947 discovered by moddsey refers to plans to restructure the access to the Star Ferry. However, it seems that it took a couple of years to start and finish the work. In the The China Mail from 1958-07-14 (see this post) the following is reported: 

The new arrangements are in conjunction with the reconstruction of the new concourse which began about a week ago. The project is being carried out in stages, and will also involve drainage works and the construction of bus bays and passenger loading platforms.

This does not say anything about the tracks, but should be the latest moment for their removal.

The tracks are still in evidence in 1953.

1953 KCR Terminus at TST
1953 KCR Terminus at TST, by Moddsey

Appears the railway siding has been covered in white lines (crossing point ???) 

Tsim Sha Tsui 1950 Star Ferry Pier.jpg
Tsim Sha Tsui 1950 Star Ferry Pier.jpg, by Gen Suzuki


Now that http://www.hkmaps.hk/mapviewer.html is available online, the 1955 map of Kowloon was still showing the railway siding. Appears to have disappeared prior to the 1957 map.