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HMS EAGLE-Fairey Gannets on deck-1966

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HMS EAGLE-Fairey Gannets on deck-1966

I believe I took this photograph on an afternoon between 4-11 June 1966 from a HYF ferry departing from the Wanchai piers on Gloucester Road before the reclamation got going. Fairey Gannet anti-submarine aircraft are on the fore- deck rather than the Navy’s jets usually seen in that position in later images of HMS Eagle. This posting is related to

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, June 9, 1966


The photograph has been flipped. Eagle' s island (as with all aircraft carriers) is on the starboard side, not the port.

As an aside, my first visit to Hong Kong was on board Eagle in March/April 1968 and we sailed away on April 6th.Not exactly romantic, but I proposed to my first wife by mail from the middle of Victoria Harbour. Why by mail? She worked for the airline British Eagle and had transited through Kai Tak just as we arrived in HK and was on her way back to England.