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USS Bridge

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USS Bridge

Detail cropped from this photo:

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, December 1, 1937


My thanks to eurasian_david for his summary of the movements of "the old Eagle" in 1937. She has a special place in my family as my father, then Capt ARM Bridge, took command of her in Hong Kong in August 1939 until he was relieved in the Mediterranean in April 1941. The battle ensign EAGLE was awarded for the success of her Swordfish aircraft at Taranto was housed in "the new Eagle". I was priviledged to be invited aboard when she visited Hong Kong in the early '70s before she was paid off. Someone might have the dates of her visit. RMB

Perhaps the visit in 1971 as noted here

I am extremely grateful to you for taking so much trouble over my enquiry.

The photo of EAGLE in HKG harbour in October 1971 deserves a place on 

I wonder whether a day will come when the name EAGLE is bestowed upon another Royal Navy ship? 


You're welcome! I looked up online about your father and he has had an impressive career - a full blown admiral! You and your family must be very proud of him. I presume you know your father and his career very well but if there is anything you want me to look into or specifric questions about him or HMS Eagle let me know and I'll do my best to find out info about him and/or ship.