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1977 HKK Hau Fuk Street.jpg

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1977 HKK Hau Fuk Street.jpg
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, December 20, 1977


Hi There,

I have a feeling the photo is showing somewhere in Tsim Sha Tsui but probebly not Carnavon Road as the road is wider.    The pawn show should be a clue but this particualr one folded in 1986, according to HK Company Registration Information.  May need some time to locate.

In the present day there is a shop also called olded in 1986, according to HK Company Registration Information. May need some time to locate.


In the present day there is a shop also called日月紅 in Hau Fuk Street, which haas a similar width, but the present day shop is not the same one as shown in the photo.   On the other hand, the photo shows a restaurant call 洪利粥麵, where there is also one such restaurant in present day 2A Hau Fuk Street.  Uncertain if it is the same restaurant.


Hi tngan,

You are certainly right

I went on Street View. Hau Fuk Street has greetly changed in the pictures from 2018 but on the remaining views from 2009, it is possible to recognise Hau Fuk Street. Particularly on the left of the Vietnamese Restaurant, there is something like a staircase with vertical structures that can be seen on my photo.

The Sun and Moon Company on the right is at 5-6 Hau Fook Street, Tsim Sha Tsui

Greetings.  While we are on signs, "晚飯雀局" (read from left) is new for me likely I missed seeing it while living in HK.  So, at quick glance, I thought birds are their specialty.  Taking the whole sign, I interpret it as saying Evening (rice) Dinner Birds (diners) (get) Together.  Please correct if incorrect.  Regards,   Peter

Wasn't this street once called Salisbury Avenue, or am I mistaking it for somewhere else?

The maps confirm the change of name:

I wonder when it changed?

Salisbury Avenue was renamed Hau Fook Street in April 1978.

According to: Minutes of the meeting of Street Names Sub-Committee of Urban Council (14 September 1977)

It appears that the similarity in name to Salisbury Road caused confusion to some people (such as taxi drivers and postal workers) and because it was so far away from Salisbury Road, then renaming would be better.

Hi Peter,

I'm surprised that you didn't know the phrase 晚飯雀局, which was all over the place in HK. 雀局 referred to playing mahjong. It was quite traditional to play mahjong in a restaurant before & after a wedding banquet etc. or just after supper when eating out was not that routine and restaurants were not as busy as nowadays.

Thank you tkj for the correction.  I now remember those mahjong tables before and after banquet.

Mahjong can be too noisy so it is a good idea for four friends to play away from home.  You will remember some gamblers slammed their tile(s) on the table when they got a winning hand, for example with a self-pick winning tile.  I don't know when the idea of covering the "floor" with a cloth got popular; it really cuts down the noise.  Regards,  Peter