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Launching at Waterfall Cove.jpg

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Launching at Waterfall Cove.jpg

Would "Waterfall Cove" be the same as Plover Cove? Plover Cove seems to have been a popular destination for the officers of HM Submarine L3 in their time off, when they had use of this cutter. Here they are back view in the swimwear of the time.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1929


David, Is this photo in fact taken in Waterfall Bay? I saw that Waterfall Bay came up in the top pages for 2008. If you agree, could this photo be added to the Waterfall Bay thread?

Hi Jill, i'm not sure where this was taken but unfortunately the background doesn't match the coast around Waterfall Bay.

Regards, David

Bride's Pool Waterfall is in the Plover Cove area. May refer to a cove that provided access to the waterfall. The scenery, of course has changed with the construction of the reservoir.

I think there is at least one photo of a waterfall that may help to pin down the location. I will look.