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Ron Slaughter Guard of Honour

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Ron Slaughter Guard of Honour

Guard of a Honour for Admiral Beakiby 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, June 24, 1957


Thanks for posting these photos from your father's collection. You mention in your profile you'd like to hear from anyone who knew him. I recommend you make a page for him (see and include details of the unit he belonged to and any nickname he had in the army. Also if you have any photos showing friends that have names, post them too. Then if anyone is searching for these in Google, there's a good chance they'll find your pages and get in touch.

Regards, David

Gosh thank you so much, David. There are loads of pics of his friends but I wasn't sure if I should post them. I will do all this because it would be so wonderful to find anyone who might remember him.  Thank you again.