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Kingsclere Hotel 1924.jpg

Kingsclere Hotel  1924.jpg



I have found some photos about a building in Kowloon called Kingsclere written on it. Whas the Kingsclere hotel not at Midlevel ?

What kind of Kingclere building can that be ? Can anybody tell me from what place these photos have been made ?

Thank you very much for your kind assistance




As seen here , the Kingsclere Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon was situated on Carnarvon Road to the south of Cameron Road. The building on the left can also be viewed here

Lt Ralph Goodwin relates,  in Hong Kong Escape  (p.15), that in December 1941 he was staying at the Kingsclere Hotel in Carnarvon Road, Kowloon. At the time he was serving on MTB 10 and the MTB Flotilla operated out of the Kowloon Naval Yard. Philip C.