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Unknown airman

Unknown airman

George Boote very kindly sent me this photograph, that he recently bought, for inclusion in the 367 Association gallery. Neither George nor I know who the young man was but I have suggested the following to George.  Any thoughts?

This is a very strange photograph of the young man, who was probably in the R.A.F. at Little Sai Wan some time in the 1950s. He is wearing a distinctive, checked sports jacket that looks very much like one that he took out from the UK and it is rather scruffy.  Zooming in, I can see no sign of a shirt or even a vest but it looks as though the top of his underpants is showing above the trousers, which do not look to be very fashionable, being rather baggy.  The trousers are probably part of his R.A.F. no.2 blues (battle dress) uniform worn on duty in the cooler weather of the winter. The material looks rather coarse and that would indicate that he was a National Serviceman.  The regulars, even those only doing 3 years had a finer gabardine material for their 'blues'.  So, his clothing suggests that the photograph was taken in the winter.  His hair is also longer and untidier than I would have expected and the R.A.F. police on duty at the main gate would normally have had strong words with him about his attire and appearance!   It is all a bit of a mystery. The area of cleared vegetation at the top of the photograph is identical to that on one of my own photographs and, give or take a few years either side, that possibly makes 1957/8 as being a likely date.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1950


The seller of the photograph had shown the photo for sale in an album with the following caption : "RIP" on the road to Sai Wan.