United Bar and Restaurant.

Wed, 05/29/2019 - 22:14

This bar and restaurant was one that many of us used.  I think it might have been on Jaffe Road in Wanchai. I have a vague recollection that the kerbs half way across the street were still there in more recent years.

Many thanks to Klaus for the correction. It was the Lockhart  and Luard roads crossroad.  Andrew

Date picture taken
1 Jun 1957


Hi Andrew, this should be the junction of Lockhart and Luard Roads.  83 Bar was at 83, Lockhart Road. Compare this photo from 1972:

83 Bar
83 Bar, by doug

Guess Paul's photo goes along Lockhart Road in the opposite direction compared to Doug's one.

Regards, Klaus

Andrew, I don't know the exact date when the road barrier and the centre parking lane was abandoned. It's gone on the 1970 photo. My guess is that additional motor traffic in Wanchai after the construction of Harcourt Road in 1961 needed an extra traffic instead of a parking lane. Regards, Klaus

Thanks Klaus,

When I look at my old photographs from 1957/8 it is hard to believe that even though there was very little traffic in those days, we nevertheless thought that the steeets of Hong Kong were frantically busy compared with the ones we had known in England.  As small children in the mid 1940s and for some years later we all played quite hapily and safely in the streets only moving aside when the very occasionl horse and cart, or lorry or small van made a liesurely appearance.  Cars were seldom seen where I came from!  Andrew