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1927 Kai Tak Airfield

1927 Kai Tak Airfield

(Update) - A photo  here of a Fairey Flycatcher in the matshed hangar suggests the photo was taken in 1927 after the RAF had requisitioned the hangar for their activities.

The flag flying over the seawall is noted as belonging to the Brockman and Hetling's First Dutch Aviation Company which operated briefly at Kai Tak in early 1926.


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, March 1, 1927


The mat-shed hangar on the seawall with the flag flying is the Brockman and Hetling's First Dutch Aviation Company.

A short-lived  operation with big ideas that took over some of the departed Harry Abbott's business assets. There is contemporary newsprint mentioning them.

See page 78 of the book Wings Over Hong Kong a closer image dates the hangar with large flag flying as January 1926

The adjacent mat-shed hangars/buildings are again probably Harry Abbott's leftovers rather than RAF..


Thanks for that as the photo amongst others were dated to 1927. Very interesting. So I guess the above photo was an earlier one. Will update the text and view WOHK upon return.Cheers!