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1949 May 7 Tramways farewell for Hammy

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1949 May 7 Tramways farewell for Hammy

Mr Hammond (Hammy) (on the left) getting his retirement present from Tramways' General Manager

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, May 7, 1949


Looking at Tramways employees in the 1941 Jurors List, the first two are Herbert William Hammond and Vernon Walker, and the third is William Frederick Simmons. (There is also a John Henry Simmons on the 1941 list, but Nona has identified the man in this photo as W F Simmons.)

All three are also shown on the list of Civilian Internees, so they were all interned at Stanley Camp.

Could the photo be marking his retirement? He left Hong Kong shortly after the photo was taken and was "retired". (see https://gwulo.com/comment/49480#comment-49480)

Some time ago I posted a 1946 photo of Vernon Walker with his daughter Veronica at https://gwulo.com/atom/18028 taken in Australia.