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1966 Cricket Ground-4.jpg

1966 Cricket Ground-4.jpg
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1966


This was taken earlier than 1966, as there's no sign of the Hilton Hotel (opened in 1963), and the Murray barracks are still standing (demolished in 1962).

I wonder what the occasion was? There looks to be a military band marching at the bottom of Garden Road, and another group of soldiers further up the hill.

Update: On another photo in this sequence (https://gwulo.com/atom/33361), several buildings have been identified that were completed in 1960. I'd date this photo to c.1961.

From this picture, which is reversed, we can date the series to late 1959, or more likely 1st half 1960, as it shows the Butterfield and Swire building with hoardings around it in preparation for demolition:

1966 Central-4.jpg
1966 Central-4.jpg, by Peter