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Star Ferry pier

Star Ferry pier

Is this the inside of the old Star Ferry pier on the Island?  (Andrew S)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1952


Greetings, the queue barriers look familiar, but the only place I can think of is the peak tram lower station, the roof agrees but not the size or timing.  Regards,  Peter

Photo source:

I think it is the Star Ferry Pier on Connaught Road. There appears to be a ramp that leads off to the right for first class passengers. If one looks directly out to the main entrance, there is a conical traffic control post in the middle of the road. The structure can be seen below.

File2297.jpg, by Jim Watkins

Good morning Peter and Moddsey. Thank you for your thoughts. I think that the wooden roof structure does not match my recollection of the Peak Tram building, which was a modern concrete building, so the old Star Ferry pier is my candidate. Enlarging the area beneath the Hueur sign I think I can just make out a road, Ice House Street(?), with a car parked on it, that is more or less opposite what looks like the entrance.  That would fit better with the ferry pier. Any more contributions? Best wishes, Andrew

Similar advertising signboards can be seen inside the pier.

g Star Ferry.
g Star Ferry., by Vic Morley


Thank you all for the contributions. I’ll settle for the Star Ferry pier. Andrew

That's the first shot of the interior I've seen.