Undated - Stephen WONG Yuen Cheung - at a Police Academy? | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Undated - Stephen WONG Yuen Cheung - at a Police Academy?

Undated -  Stephen WONG Yuen Cheung  - at a Police Academy?

Not sure what my grandfather is doing here! Is he inspecting the police?!



Held in the old Royal Naval dockyard. Photos of the parade from 1973:

Auxiliary Police Passing out Parade 01

Auxiliary Police Passing out Parade 01, by HKPL


Auxiliary Police Passing out Parade 02

Auxiliary Police Passing out Parade 02, by HKPL


I think I can confirm that it was a passing out ceremony of the police academy. I have photos of my father in another such passing out. My late father was a friend of Stephen Wong's. Yipski, your grandfather was a fair man and a straight talker who did a lot of good.

Thank you! Would this be where the Prince of Wales building is?

Hello! Thank you for your comment! How was my grandfather connected with your father?

The site of the former Victoria Barracks is now Hong Kong Park. A number of heritage buildings, including Flagstaff House, are still there.

They worked together on community and sports projects for two decades or more. There is a big photo of the two of them in the conference room of Tai Po Sports Centre which marks the occasion when government granted the land to TP Sports Association. At that time your grandfather was chairman and my father first deputy chairman. Recently I started research for a book on Tai Po, and found quite a number of photos. If you would like to see a few, please contact David.

Based on Moddsey's description, this was taken on the north side of Queensway, roughly where Queensway Plaza is today. The approximate location of the old building in the background of the photo is shown on the map at:

I can confirm that this was  a passing out parade of the RHK Auxilary Police held at its HQ at the old Dockyard before the construction of the Admiralty Station complex.  I was a Recruit Constable (RHKAP A4688) undergoing training there in 1973.  I resigned during training before passing out to join the RHKP at the Police Training School at Wong Chuk Hang to become an Inspector of the regular police force.  RHKAP HQ relocated to the Wan Chai Reclamation soon after.