Quarters and Stores, three-storey building (east) on Queen's Road at Naval Yard [c.1864-c.1973]

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There were two three-storey buildings on the north side of Queen's road, one on either side of the entrance to the Naval Yard. This page is for the building on the east side of the entrance. It is the building marked with the "B" in both the photos below:

Annotated A076
Annotated A076, by Admin


Annotated NDA11
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Photos that show this Place


The Naval Dockyard plans that I have show the building was to be constructed in 1863-64 and it was to be used as a: "Victualing Store with Officers and Artisans Quarters Over"

In WW2 the BAAG reported the building was being used as Japanese Police Quarters. Source

Post War Plans show the building as a Chargeman's Mess. Source

The 1950's city plan show the buildings as Quarters and Stores, which was their use for the majority of their existence 

The photos below show the building being demolished, they are dated 01 March 1973.

Auxiliary Police Passing out Parade 01
Auxiliary Police Passing out Parade 01, by HKPL
Auxiliary Police Passing out Parade 02
Auxiliary Police Passing out Parade 02, by HKPL