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1967 TST Peking rd

1967 TST Peking rd

In the distance, the Lindy's sign can be seen (or guessed).

Note the modern parking meters on the northern side of the road.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1967


Hi Klaus,

Looking at the modern building, the Place shown should be the newer "J-Hotung House / Hankow Centre [1968- ]" rather than the older Ho Tung Mansions.

Regards, David

Hi David,

Yes, I think you're right. I was counting buildings starting from Nathan Road and obviously missed one. The high rising one with the Lindy's sign is Metropole Building at the junction with Hankow Road. And nearer is another modern building which I overlooked: this is Hankow Centre. 

The old houses on the right the ones that are shown on the 1956 Kowloon map. That's the place where the Sitting Out Area, Kowloon Park Drive, and 1, Peking Road are today, they were demolished probably around 1972. As we have two photos of it, I'll  create a new place.

Regards, Klaus