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Stonecutters MFQ 1_1363 1902.JPG

Stonecutters MFQ 1_1363 1902.JPG

Plan of Stonecutters Island from 1902 from the National Archive

"'Hong Kong Survey of Stonecutters Island 1902': plan showing the positions of forts, the boundaries of areas claimed to be War Department property, and the site of a proposed prison (at the Government Gunpowder Depot); also showing offshore rocks, some hachures, trigonometrical points, roads, piers, a telephone line, Army quarters, and a rifle range. Compass indicator. Originally enclosed in Governor Sir Henry Blake's Confidential despatch, 27 March 1903."

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1902


Interesting to see the proposed site for a prison in 1902/3. There had been a prison built on that same site previously, but it was short-lived.