Bowrington Road- Wanchai-Victoria.-1958. | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Bowrington Road- Wanchai-Victoria.-1958.

Bowrington Road- Wanchai-Victoria.-1958.

Photo dated March 1958.



Hi There,

A shop sign 鉅利醬園  together with the gap at the very back, that would mean the street was how Bowrington Road look like back then.  The gap should be Wong Nei Chung Gap.  If you alight correctly using Google Earch, that is a match.


The same scene from a tram was also captured here

Hi Tngan and Moddsey. Thank you both for the I. D. and confirmation of this photo,will now update the title,it’s one of a number I took from the top deck of a tram,now 60yrs later thanks to Google Earth and your prompting have just been able to go down present day Bowrington Road. Bryan.