Bowrington Market (South of Hennessy Road between Bowrington Canal & Canal Road West) [1934-c.1978]

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Bowrington Market (between Bowrington Canal and Canal Road West) was built of reinforced concrete to provide accommodation for 24 stalls, a poultry killing room, quarters for the Sanitary Department staff and a latrine in brickwork. The stalls were finished in Terrazzo and suitably fitted-up for butchers, fishmongers, poulterers, vegetables and fruit sellers use. Work was completed on 4 December 1934. Report on Public Works for 1934 item no. 105 refers.

(For information, the Report on Public Works for 1913 under item no. 118 mentions a temporary timber shed market containing 6 stalls was erected adjoining Bowrington Canal. Location not known. To be verified.)

Photos that show this Place


I am quite puzzled by the marker here which points to the present day Bowrington Road Market or rather the second generation Bowrington Market. It still exists today. Though it is called "Bowrington Road Market", it is not at the same location as the old market. The first generation Bowrington  Market [1934-c.1978] was indeed on Canal Road where the Bowrington canal was located. It was an open air market which ran along Canal road south of Hennessey road. In the 1920s, when Wanchai was undergoing reclamation, the Bowrington canal south of Hennessey road became a nullah. The nullah was much narrower. The place became what is known as the first generation Bowrington Market.

Note: the original market was called Bowrington Market (鵝頸街市). It was not on Bowrington Road. Only the second generation market can be called Bowrington Road Market or simply Bowrington Market as the old market.

Following is a photo of the first generation Bowrington market in the 1960s before it moved to the current location.

1960s first generation Bowrington market
1960s first generation Bowrington market, by simtang鵝頸