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Circular Blockhouse

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Circular Blockhouse

This excellent photo on HT Wong's flickr account is entitled "1910s Lion Rock" and shows one of the circular blockhouses constructed by the British military that Rob Weir kindly described at

I'm not familiar with the area around Lion Rock so can't confirm that the crag in the background is in fact Lion Rock. Assuming it is, then based on Rob's map of all the blockhouses and the close proximity of this one to the top of the Rock, it is perhaps either Blockhouse Number 20 or 21 - although upon zooming in there do appear to be other structures further up the slope which may or may not be blockhouses.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1915


Hi gw, it is Lion Rock -  

The British structure appears to sit on a higher ground.  I have a feeling, not 100% sure, that I walked by the old temple in the 1950s if it indeed was still standing then.   Regards,  Peter

Hi There,

I guess the location should be somewhere within the selected area in the screen capture.


approx_loca.jpg, by tngan