Garden of Remembrance - Opening Ceremony 30 August 1962 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Garden of Remembrance - Opening Ceremony 30 August 1962

Garden of Remembrance - Opening Ceremony 30 August 1962

It's part of the official prorgamme for the event.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, August 30, 1962


Hong Kong Hilton Hotel under construction.

The picture also confirms the demolish date for the two Murray Barracks buildings as being during 1962 - they are half demolished in this picture

Good Morning,

I can see a house just to the left of the Hilton Hotel. Somehow "attached" to the Hilton. Does anybody knows what identifies that house. Moreover across to the left, just above the Murray Barracks there should be the Hong Kong Park as we know it today. On that picture the area is very open with a few scattered houses around. What was there at that time ?

Thank you and kind regards, Daniel

Hello Daniel

The building you refer to was the other side of Garden Road from the Hilton site and was part of Murray Barracks where the Naval garrison was based, but I don't think it was the officer's mess which was later reconstructed in Stanley. Also it wasn't the Naval Commodore's house which was a little further up Garden Road if I remember correctly. Going up from the building in question there was a taxi rank and the bottom Peak Tram station and then the Helena May. In those days there were a few trees around that area!


Hello Daniel, its's probably this one:

Murray Barracks.JPG
Murray Barracks.JPG, by Quicksilver

Regards, Klaus

Thank you Klaus and best regards,


Hi Peter,

Thank you very much and best regards,


This building served as the Central Fire Station in the 1980s.