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1906 North Point tram

1906 North Point tram

an 'post-typhoon' view along North Point coastline probably in September 1906

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, September 18, 1906


This picture was taken on the East Praya in Causeway Bay rather than North Point

Yes, the photo was taken along the causeway probably right after the typhoon had passed. But not in November. 

Thanks for info, it's typo on the date and has corrected.

I don't think this was taken at North Point or along the causeway, as wouldn't we be able to see East Point at the left of the photo?

Whereabouts would "East Praya in Causeway Bay" be on a modern map?

Technically I think it was called Bowrington Praya then, essentially the Praya between Heard Street and Canal Road West. I have a much better quality of this picture somewhere which I will upload later. 

David - on second thoughts you may be right. I think I have the same photo. When I read about the 1906 typhoon to place the photo many years ago, I recall having read of two locations, one was at Observation Place and the other at Causeway Bay. I chose the latter but Observation Place would be a good candidate as it appears to tie in with the general location made by Herostratus.

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1906 Typhoon - Tram
1906 Typhoon - Tram , by Moddsey