Old vehicular ferries and piers in Hong Kong

Tue, 01/02/2018 - 18:47

Date not given. From the style of the cars it could be in the 1970's. Location unknown.

Update: shows North Point Vehicular Ferry Pier (see comments below).

Date picture taken


If I am not wrong about my rusty memory Kowloon City had lost its coastline after Kei Tak Airport was built several decades ago. So impossible to think of a Ferry Pier by the Kowloon City. Could someone have better idea?



Hi Tung, looking at the piers again after two years since posting, I think your memory isn't as rusty as you might think. Now I also believe the photo shows the Kowloon City Pier. Regards, Klaus

for this to be Kowloon City ferry pier, the background doesn't make sense. You would expect to see HK Island in the background but this background shows Tai Sheung Tok on the left and Black Hill on the right. So I think the original North Point guess is the correct one.

Phil, yes it's North Point. I was mislead by the similarity of the portals of both locations. This, of course, is easy to understand as both were constructed at the same time. Kowloon City Pier was/is unchanged while the one at North Point was reconstructed in the 1980s when the Eastern Island Corridor was built. Cheers, Klaus