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My grandparents wedding day

My grandparents wedding day

This is the only photo I have of my grandparents Frederick Charles Coleman and Dorothy Benson's wedding day. It took place at St. Andrews Church Kowloon on Feb 5th 1922. On the back it states that Mrs. Atkinson was the matron of honor, Mr. Macintosh was the best man and Dorothy Johnson was the flower maid. 

I have other photos from my grandmothers photograph album of her time in Hong Kong. 

I know that Fredrick who was an electrical engineer, died on November 16th 1928 at 4, Tantallon Tettace, Kowloon Dock. He was 46 years old. I have no idea what he died of or where he may be buried, or when my grandmother and father left Hong Kong. If anyone has any answerd to thes questions, I would be very happy to receive them. 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, February 5, 1922


Suggest you look at here for entries for Coleman and scroll the dates of the wedding and funeral from the papers of the day. More information will be forthcoming. The funeral service was held in the Protestant Cemetery, Happy Valley, Hong Kong.

A small correction, the newspaper that Moddsey linked to above shows the wedding was on Saturday 25th Feb, not the 5th. See page 2 of The Hong Kong Telegraph, 1922-02-28.

Thank you for correcting my mistake and for the links.

Hi moddsey. I looked through the list, but couldn't find my grandfathers name.Please, where did you get the info? Do you know if there is a grave number. I have a friend living in Hong Kong at the moment, and I could ask him to go and look for me. Thanks so much for your help.  Sue.

The newspapers of 19 November 1928 gives information of the funeral service at the Protestant Cemetery. Suggest to contact the Cemetery directly. See here