View up the valley behind Quarry Bay | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

View up the valley behind Quarry Bay

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View up the valley behind Quarry Bay

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This panorama is created by merging three photos from the Swire Collection, see, and https://www.hpcbristol....

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1924


Identifiable buildings: 2nd from left is Taikoo Club, with bowling green in front and playing fields below

                                   Next right may have been what oldtimers in the 50s referred to as "the old Taikoo Terrace", with a tennis                                        court at the end which was still in use in the 50s (mainly by me and my friends)

                                   It looks like the Kings Road cutting is under construction, and on the other side going up the hill is Stanley                                    Terrace with The Bungalow way up above

                                   Kornhill is on the distant ridge at left 

 This information may already be noted in the Collection, but may also be useful here.-- Geoff W.


Thanks Geoff, I've made an annotated copy and added your identification: