Maryknoll Sisters School, form 3A, 1963-64

Maryknoll Sisters School, form 3A, 1963-64
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Wednesday, January 1, 1964


I dont remember the teacher's name..she was a New Zealander..

1b will suprise you..Lady Green..wife of Top Shop Philip Green..her name was then Tina Payne. No she was not a friend of mine.

I am 2i Barbara Landau behind the teacher..

3c is my friend Rita dos Remedious..she later  wrote for the South China Morning Post..we were all very impressed . Her father represented Hong kong in the Olympics in shooting..1h and 3d were both friends..I think one was called Alison..

I know most of the girls in this picture but the names have gone..perhaps they will come back..we were a happy class.