Maryknoll Sisters School, form 3A, 1963-64 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Maryknoll Sisters School, form 3A, 1963-64

Maryknoll Sisters School, form 3A, 1963-64
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1964


I dont remember the teacher's name..she was a New Zealander..

1b will suprise you..Lady Green..wife of Top Shop Philip Green..her name was then Tina Payne. No she was not a friend of mine.

I am 2i Barbara Landau behind the teacher..

3c is my friend Rita dos Remedious..she later  wrote for the South China Morning Post..we were all very impressed . Her father represented Hong kong in the Olympics in shooting..1h and 3d were both friends..I think one was called Alison..

I know most of the girls in this picture but the names have gone..perhaps they will come back..we were a happy class. 

Barbara Landau, I still remember you. I am using my maiden name Rachel Tzau in this post so that in case anyone else happens to open this post, they might recognise me.  I was in the same class with you in 1963-64.  A friend in Toronto spotted me on this photo and his wife alerted me to it.  Amazing! I still remember many names on this photo and wonder where everyone is.  Wouldn't it be nice if others would spot this photo and let us know of their current status.    I am #3J in the back row.  I still remember many names in this class.  To start: 3b is Julie Tang, 3e is Ann Tang, 3g Penny Casale, 3i Mary Ann Edwards, 3k Dorothy U, 3l Sally, 3n Gloria Wong, 2a Bernice Siu, 2b Sheila, 2c Ana Kuan, 2d Elenor, 2f Maryjane, 2g Suzanna Siu, 2h Peggy Liu, 2j Helen, 2k Rebecca, 2l Rosalind, 2m Lucy U, 1a Mary Jane, 1b Tina Payne, 1c Janet, 1d Sarah Auyang, 1i Serena Lau, 1k Nancy.  By the way, I am in Boston Massachusetts, and having the best time of my life.  Love to hear from any of my old classmates, contact me at